Car Rental


Beal Driving Academy offers a car rental program. This service allows students (and new customers) to use our driving school’s car for their road test. In addition, customers who were not students can still count on a reliable vehicle for their road test.

Benefits of Beal Driving Academy Rental Service

There are many benefits of using Beal Driving Academy cars on State of Maine driving exams. Most importantly, students who practiced for their State of Maine Driver’s license in a Beal Driving Academy vehicle will be more familiar with these cars. Being familiar with a car can lead to being more comfortable and confident when students take their road test.

Although Beal Driving Academy cannot guarantee successful passing of state driving exams, many students benefit from this service. For instance, rental users can make necessary adjustments before beginning the exam. Users can also take comfort in the fact that they will have a clean, reliable, and properly cared for car on the day of their exam.

Car Rental Services

Students often feel less nervous during their driving exam if they use a car they have driven before. To feel better prepared for the exam, Beal Driving Academy offers rentals with test drives.

One rental option provides students with driving lessons from a Beal Driving Academy Instructor. As a result, these private lessons can help students feel more naturally confident for their driving exam.

Price List

  • $50.00: Car rental
  • $125.00: Car rental with 1 hour driving lesson.

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