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Beal Driving Academy cares about the success of our students and our goal is to help to teach our students to be safe and knowledgeable drivers that will help make Maine a safer place for all of us who share the road.

Our students will learn driving from the ground up and no one student will have an advantage over another one. We are here to help you build and grow your confidence behind the wheel. Although your safety is our number one concern, we understand that if our students don’t stay engaged, they will not retain all of the important knowledge we have to impart. So although driving is a serious subject, we are very skilled at creating an exciting and fun class atmosphere.

“I loved taking my teen to Beal Driving Academy.  It just so happens that the driving school is at a safe, secure and collegiate environment at Beal College.  While my son was in class I was relaxing on a comfortable couch in the student lounge!”

Sara S., Brewer, Maine

Each student must complete 30 hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of behind the wheel instruction. There will only be one student and the instructor in the vehicle during training (one-on-one training). We also require parental/legal guardian involvement. A parent/legal guardian must attend parent orientation and ride for 60 minutes in our car with the instructor to see how the student is doing.

“Beal offers a very safe environment for kids.  Their classrooms are spacious, offer the latest in technology and their instructors are well trained and professional.  I highly recommend Beal Driving Academy!”

Stephen L., Glennburn, ME

Beal Driving Academy offers student pick-up at Bangor, John Bapst, Hampden, Brewer, Orono and Hermon area schools.

Students learning with the Beal College Law Enforcement Program

Students learning with the Beal College Law Enforcement Program

All driving school vehicles are outfitted with a instructor control braking system.  Beal Driving Academy has taught hundreds of people – and of all ages.

During our lessons together we will cover all the essential driving skills you will need to build confidence and stay safe on the road.

Contact us today at 207.990.6099 or email Felicia at info@bealdrivingacademy.com for more information.

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