Private Lessons


Beal Driving Academy offers private, one-on-one driving lessons to anyone who has a valid permit or valid license. We can normally schedule an appointment within two-three business days.

  • Defensive driving techniques.
  • Highway, city and traffic driving practice.

Students request private lessons for many different reasons:

Road Test Preparation:  Many of our driver education students benefit from taking a road test preparation lesson(s). Using that time, we can break any bad habits that the student may have developed while driving with their permit. We observe any weaknesses and work to correct them with the student. We suggest that you purchase a minimum of two hours to cover a wide range of issues.

Using a Beal Driving Academy Vehicle for the Road Test: There are many benefits of using Beal Driving Academy cars on State of Maine driving exams. Most importantly, students who practiced for their State of Maine Driver’s license in a Beal Driving Academy vehicle will be more familiar with these cars. Being familiar with a car can lead to being more comfortable and confident when students take their road test.

Although Beal Driving Academy cannot guarantee successful passing of state driving exams, many students benefit from this service. For instance, students can make necessary adjustments before beginning the exam. Students can also take comfort in the fact that they will have a clean, reliable, and properly cared for car on the day of their exam.

Driving Time: Some students feel that they may benefit from a few hours of behind the wheel instruction either after they finish driver education, or after completing their permit examination through the state.

Aging Driver/Medical EvaluationIf you or a loved one is questioning whether someone is safe behind the wheel, we can take a driver out for an assessment. Sometimes a person may even be on a medical suspension through the state and may be required to take lessons before testing for reinstatement.

Failures: If an applicant fails their road test examination through the state several times, they may need additional training time with a driving school before they test again.

Contact us today at 207.990.6099 or email Felicia at for more information or to schedule your session.

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