Senior Driving Evaluations


As we get older, we may fall into driving habits or medical conditions that keep up from being the safest drivers we can be. You or a loved one may be questioning their driving safety and efficiency. For this reason, you may benefit from getting a senior driving evaluation at Beal Driving Academy.

Private Driving Evaluations with Trusted Instructors

The experienced instructors at Beal Driving Academy conduct objective senior driving evaluations. We understand that losing the range and ability to drive is more than just an issue of transportation. It is a loss of independence. Because of this, our caring instructors want to build your confidence. We can do this in the comfort of private driving evaluations.

At Beal Driving Academy, we are patient and understanding. This makes our instructors well trained for observations. These observations include focusing on your physical, decision-making, and social skills. We then use this information to determine if you are safely operating a motor vehicle. You can feel relaxed when talking about our evaluations with our friendly instructors. We are here to build your confidence as a driver.

In most cases, only minor adjustments are pointed out during your evaluation. If a few private driving lessons are needed to strengthen your skills, we will work with you in keeping your license and your independence. You are in trusted hands during your senior driving evaluations.

What to Expect During a Senior Driving Evaluation

Just as in a driver’s ed course, your Beal Driving Academy instructor can provide refresher training at the time of your driving evaluation if needed. We are here to help you be a safe and efficient driver. Therefore, it is okay to ask for assistance. With this in mind, we can go over critical maneuvers like parking and lane changing. In addition, we can also provide more extensive refresher driver’s education courses to further sharpen skills if necessary.

During your senior driving evaluation, the instructor will also see if your vehicle needs any modifications for mobility and sight. For example, these adjustments could include panoramic rear view mirrors or outside convex mirrors.

Your driving instructor will guide you as well as provide you with a comprehensive senior driving evaluation. These evaluations include feedback on your current driving skills and an objective decision on your ability to drive safely.

You can feel reassured that your Beal Driving Academy instructor is here to reinforce good driving habits. We are also here to modify areas of weakness. If you are determined unsafe to continue driving, your compassionate instructor is knowledgeable enough to walk you through your next steps.

Benefits of Driving Evaluations

Senior drivers will generally drive for longer as a result of having a senior driving evaluation. Another benefit is that adult children can also have peace of mind. They can be happy knowing that a trained driving instructor has observed your driving through a professional senior driving evaluation. Likewise, both parties can feel reassured that the senior driver has been provided with refresher lessons. Helpful driving modifications are also given during their driving evaluation.
Our goal is to help you keep your independence. We want you to practice safety behind the wheel. With this purpose in mind, we can help you get there through your senior driving evaluation.

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